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Resources - Children's Page

Supporting the Preborn and mothers to be isn't just for adults!  We have some activities on this page for the entire family.

To complement the Baby Bottle Campaign, we have developed a "Fill a Bottle With Prayer" guide.  It is set up for the five weeks from Mother's Day to Father's Day, which is our usual time for the campaign but you can do this at any time.  Who doesn't need prayer?

The other resource is the Focus on the Family's resource to teach our children how that God love preborns as much as He does everyone.  
For those of you who can't monetarily give, think about filling a bottle with prayer. 

It is a fun activity for the whole family.  Each day you use the guide, you color in part of a baby bottle.  By the end of the drive, you will have filled 5 baby bottles with prayer!!  

This can be done at any time during the year, not just the Baby Bottle Campaign, because we always need prayer!

Great way to get the kids involved too.​​​​​​​

Going deeper:

Have you ever noticed how young children are curious about newborn babies?  We need to nuture the same fascination toward preborn babies.

With this resource from Focus on the Family, you can teach your child that the preborn is a real person and that God loves them just as He loves each of us.

You are never too young to start learning about the Sancity of Human Life. 

This resource has activites and information for older childern as well.