Considering Adoption?

Adoption is no longer seen as “giving a baby away.”

Rather, it is understood as an option for a mother to provide a stable family and future for her baby. Many women don’t realize that they also have a say in every step of the process.

Why do women choose adoption?

  • They are not ready to be mothers
  • Situations that prevent parenting
  • A lack of support
  • A desire for a strong 2-parent family for their babies
  • Concerns regarding safety and stability of current circumstances
  • Opportunity for a stable future for their babies
  • Current lifestyle
  • Plans for continuing career or education

Types of adoption:
Closed adoption

An adoption professional will choose the adoptive family for you. After the adoption, there is no contact with either the family or the child.

This type of adoption is rare in the United States where the trend is toward open adoptions.

Semi-open adoption

In semi-open adoptions, only your first names are shared with the adoptive parents. You may have some say in the selection of the adoptive parents, but this would be followed by little or no contact with either the child or the family.

Open adoption

Most agencies now encourage some type of openness in the adoption process. With an open adoption, the adoption agency supplies the biographies of prospective parents and the birth mother picks the family she is most comfortable with. You decide how involved you want to be with the adoptive parents before and after the adoption.

You can choose:

  • The family who will adopt your child
  • To keep things completely confidential
  • To maintain contact in the future
  • How things will be handled at the hospital
  • To receive assistance with your expenses
  • If you are considering adoption for your unexpected pregnancy, contact us today for more information on the process.  You can also call/text at (843) 616-6559.  We can connect you with an adoption professional.