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Every donation that we receive is poured right back into the ministry. From diapers and wipes to car seats and cribs, all the money we raise goes into our programs. 

Whether you decide to give to us monthly or as a one-time donation, your love offering helps us take better care of our babies. And no matter how small or how great the donation, every gift will be received with thanksgiving and gratitude. 

For your convenience, you can drop your donation off by our office, give it to any of our board members, put it in the mail, or use our Text2Give at 843.417.9773. 

However you decide to give to us; or prayer is that God gives it back to you 100 fold!

Please create an account for easier future donations.  The system will remember all of your information.  You will also be able to keep track of your donations, change payment information and even print out tax documents!